Coming up with the right fees

There are numerous factors to take into consideration before publicly opening enrollments. The Canadian International School in Abu Dhabi would have to figure out ways to retain existing students as well as attracting potential students. The states need to come up with strict policies regarding schools and their fees. The Canadian International School Abu Dhabi Fees are taken into consideration in light of possible new regulations imposed by the state.

The state of the economy: If the economy of the UAE is experiencing inflation, parents would not be able to afford to pay the school fees in such  circumstances. It is not the question of just paying school fees but there are other expenses to take into consideration too. The international oil prices decreasing significantly would definitely leave a negative impact on the UAE’s economy since it is blessed with tons of oil. It is widely known that states apart from Dubai have been relying on oil for decades since its discovery. With reduced oil prices, price would start hiking including school fees since they have to make up for the losses the economy experiences.

Managing rocketing school fees: If the state’s policy on controlling school fees does not turn out be effective then it is imperative that the state incorporates industry 4.0 into schooling systems. For schools to introduce robots and machine learning to teach different subjects would really do wonders for both the school and the parents. Introduction of Artificial Intelligence into schools can play a crucial role in bring down the school fees or maintain it. The school can get more out of industry 4.0 by introducing E- learning. E learning makes the process of teaching or learning easier to conduct classes. Basically teachers do not need to use a white board rather can explain to the students through projectors. In a nutshell sessions in classes get automated.

Fear of being replaced: There is this notion that introduction of machine learning into schools could replace teachers entirely which is not the case. Rather it makes teaching easier for teachers in a way that the machines would teach the students under the watchful eyes of teachers. There is a reason robots are not the go to choice for most schools since they obviously they do not have  emotional intelligences for understanding students. The MapleWood school is already in its initial phase of e-learning.