Name Origin of Toyota Vehicles

Naming is a thing that we all do when to anything. If you look around there is nothing that doesn’t have a name that why each thing that we call it makes its own identity. Naming a car by us is easy, some of us call it beauty or speedy and names like these but these cars have their actual names which become the identity of that car and that name also becomes popular as well. And Toyota names its cars by considering a long history and seeing its traits as well. That is why we have come up with a list of cars names that some of you might be owning and see how these cars are special when it comes to their names.

If anyone has Allex of any model then know that this name was derived from French word which means to go. But in French it is written as Allez but the company replaced Z with X and Allex full meaning it to go places. So, basically you have a car that can go to different places. If you ever owned Allion, then you must know that it was a short for all in one, you will find many cars of Toyota which are combined and composed of many words together. If you ever owned the Alphard GV, then you must know that the Alphard is the biggest star in the constellation and the word is derived from Greek language, the word is alpha. The GV is the model number which means Grand Victory. You can get Toyota Prado in Dubai and open a car export company as well.

If you ever owned the car Altezza then you must know that this is an Italian word for noble. Then Altezza got its another and renewed version and that was named as Altezza Gita whereas Gita means short trip in Italian language. The names of the cars seem very royal and this shows that Toyota has very strong game in the naming zone and that is why we all love the Camry car and the name is also strong because in Japanese Camry means crown. We have also seen the Camry Gracia and we all know that Gracia is a Spanish word which means grace and charm and that it has a lot of it.