Why we find it hard to eat healthily

3 months into the new year and your resolution already seems to be going down the drain. Even after so much of planning and preparing, buying new groceries and finding recipes for meal prep Dubai why can’t we seem to stick to it? This is the problem with each of use because after a few days, sneaking out a bag of chips while binge watching movies, having just two then three and then the whole box of cookies on a tea party and fizzy drinks while playing around with friends is something which seems inevitable to avoid.

What is the reason behind such behavior of us that we let all our preparations go in waste? Here’s why:

  • Food is the coping mechanism for most of the people. We have all heard how dessert is the opposite for stressed and there’s nothing a tub of ice cream can’t solve; this all is said due to a reason. People look up to food to find comfort.
  • Even if you stick to the meal plans in Al Ain, there are going to be times when you will need food to cope up with situations and this is when the problem occurs – how does one stay on a healthy diet and avoid stress eating?
  • Eating is the treat which we all love. You got a promotion? Let’s go out for a treat. Someone’s getting married? Treat. You scored good in exams? Treat. And so many more situations where is becomes a stressful job to avoid reward when the reward is this tasty.
  • Have you ever been to a café meet up and seen someone not order food for themselves? No, you haven’t because when we socialize with people through the medium of food. How do you expect someone to be surrounded by food but not have any?
  • What do Sundays mean to you? Don’t know about others but Sundays mean a huge cheat day for us when we get to eat food just out of boredom. You are bored and don’t know what to do, you call quick delivery.
  • Why do people say pizza is my first love? Because they do associate the feeling of love and happiness to that one dish. Pizza provides them with a nostalgic warmth which they love to revisit.