Surprising Facts About Pregnancy

Giving birth to a baby is a magical thing. Even though scientists have figured everything about the egg production and its way of ending up as a baby but there are a lot of things that the scientists are still confused about. And that is the beauty of being pregnant, it is a very special time for the mother, the baby and the dad as well. So, we have listed down some surprising facts heard from the best IVF clinic in Dubai about pregnancy that all women and men should read and if you are getting confused of what will happen when the final day comes or what is going to happen in the coming months, again, read this and be happy.

Each body of man and woman is special, but the body of women transforms and takes shapes into surprisingly forms. If the woman is getting a baby delivered by operation then you don’t need to worry about anything if everything is normal. But if you are getting a baby naturally, then you must be thinking how an actual kid is going to come out of a small rabbit hole! Well, you must know that the uterus of the woman expands up to 500 times, and that is by the size of a watermelon. But don’t worry, it will get back to its normal size after a week or two.

We all know that babies are born premature and there are babies who cross the expected date but there are some babies who just don’t to face the cruel world, because the longest pregnancy ever recorded was of 375 days, that is 10 days above a whole year. And still there have been many cases reported where it takes 10 or 11 months for the baby to come out naturally. We and many scientists and urologists in Dubai who still don’t know what these babies are thinking! Talking about durations, the shortest pregnancy was 21 weeks and 4 days. The mama actually had severe labor pains and when she was rushed to the hospital, she delivered the baby naturally and the baby was fine and healthy. People say that women get a very bright and fresh look on their skin when they are pregnant and that is because, women’s blood volume increases up to 40 to 50 percent and that is because the baby has its own blood circulating as well.