Online shopping statistics

Online shopping statistics

We have all heard the wonder of online shopping and how everyone seems to be using it nowadays when in reality you can hardly trust it. So what’s the proof that people are actually inclining towards online shopping and using the platform. Here are some statistics to prove that to you:

  • 1.8 million people are purchasing goods online

Yes you read that figure right. There are 1.8 million people purchasing goods online which are set to surge up each year. While the platform of online shopping seems to be growing there is no backing down anytime soon with new online stores and services getting started every minute. This is good news for online retailers and online buyers as there are hundreds of options to explore from.

  • More than 50% of people look for products online and later moving to stores

Take the real life example of yourself. If you wish to buy a new desk for your study, you will surely go and look up some options online, scroll through prices and swift through products. This gives you an understanding and estimate of what you should prepare for. You later move on to physical shopping and realize that the same thing could be bought online. You are not alone. Half of the world does the same thing while others actually proceed with online buying.

  • Mobile shopping is the way to go

Tell us how many times have you walked up to your desktop or laptop just to surf through an online shop for products? Extremely rarely, the reason is that you have access to those sites on your mobile then why would you waste your energy. Not only this but you also receive ads which you are compelled to immediately click and shop from. Almost every single individual shops online through their mobile unless it is a serious case.

  • eWallet is everyone’s first pick for payments

With so many online payment options out there we have started to forget what cash and pennies look like. This is the reason that almost 40% of online shoppers seem to love the online payment option rather than waiting for cash on delivery. This is the reason that you also get to earn cash backs and points in exchange of buying.