Famous dancing style to know about

People are taking dancing classes in Dubai because sometimes this is the requirement of their degree course and sometimes due to their zealous nature about it. People who are in to dancing classes often also go for the drama classes Dubai too because both of these complement each other. In some institutes it is necessary to take drama class in order to complete your degree and these students are more confident and have more strong memory than students of other institutes where there is no such compulsion. This is because in drama students have to memorize their character’s lines because they cannot retake the scene when they are performing live. Also they have to perform live in front of hundreds of people and it will enhance their confidence to speak in public. If you are one of the students who want to start their career in dancing then you need to know about the famous types of dancing which are written below:

Hip hop: It is mostly known as the street dance because it has all moves which are popping and locking while roaming around the streets. It has the funky music to compliment the wiggler nature of this dance type. In this dance type dancers will wear sneakers because it is the pure street style and people in the streets wear sneakers instead of fancy shoes worn in other dancing styles. This style is very popular because in this dancer is free to express his emotions through dancing moves and there are no pre-defined move to follow. A person can use any move and any style in this.

Contemporary: This type is a mixture of different dance styles such as ballet, jazz, modern etc. it uses most of the techniques from the ballet dancing but never confined to this one only. People can use any different combination but they have to make sure that the styles which they are combining will go with each other and does not look absurd when performed. In this type of dance, dancers will wear lyrical dance shoes but it is not necessary because they can perform without shoes too. There is no restriction to wear shoes. People who adopt this type can wear any kind of dress but do not have to be traditional in nature because it has the element of modern dancing too.