What you need to do to become an urban planner

Look at this now and read below to know how to become a successful urban planner!

Degree: To become a qualified and trained urban planner, you are required to enroll yourself in a Bachelor’s program of architecture, public administration or urban planning or development to know the basics and complexities of the field. Although public administration and architecture are different fields from urban planning, there are outlines of urban planning and its courses in the program which will help you to get a job in the architectural firm as an assistant planner. Besides, you can choose urban planning in specialization in the first two courses to learn about the field in detail. 

Do more than others: The majority of your class fellows will limit themselves to what schools are teaching them but if you want to become successful then you have to work more than them. You can attend different workshops and trainings to learn the practicalities of your future field. You can enroll yourself in short courses to get some experience. Besides, visits can be paid to different buildings and houses to know their structure and plans. Moreover, read books on urban planning to get more information. Many urban planners have written famous books that can give you firsthand knowledge. Read opinions and articles of feasibility study consultants in UAE to know more about architecture and urban planning.

Internships: Unlike class-fellows who spend the whole day on a single assignment, do internships and get practical experience. Although the degree is important, practical experience is different from theory. It will help you to experiment with what you have learned in your architectural school and observe the principle which your teacher has taught you in class. Besides, it will help you to know how architectural firms work and how to adjust there. Internships will give you chance to learn work ethics and make face value in the corporate world and it is important to have skills of networking and communication in the corporate sector. After all, you cannot remain silent all day.

Marketing: Besides, internships and education, do something yourself. Make models at houses of your dream house or place and share it online via Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, share your experiences as an intern in the form of pictures on social media and turn your profile into a blog. It will help you to reach to the masses which will help you to get clients and jobs. 

So, these are four things that you have to do to become a successful urban planner. Urban planning is all about planning how to design the given urban area that would encourage walkability, wealth, equity and livability.